To lie or not to lie!?

     I personally would rather not to lie. I rather someone hate or dislike me because I was being honest to them rather than because I always lied to them. 

     People say I rather tell a lie to someone than hurt their feelings. In a conversation I had with a friend about a week ago my friend said “I do not answer when I have nothing nice to say.” So basically goes back to the golden rule “If you have nothing nice to say do not say anything at all.” Sounds like a good thing to me but I’d rather tell the truth.

     A lot of people say do not get involved in your friends love life. For ex: you have a friend and you know that the other person is cheating on them. I know someone who did not want to keep the truth from their friend and decided to tell them that the other person was cheating on them. They ended up losing a friendship out of it. I really respect that person for telling their ex-friend the truth.

     I myself like to be around people who are honest and blunt and say how they feel. I have come to find out that that is a lot to ask for in people now a days.  I feel it has something to deal with the actual person and not their friends so much. A lot of people are worried with how people will react or how people with think of them. I say the only person you really have to make happy and care how they think is yourself!

But all I can say is to each is own!

Have a great day!

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