RAPIDO's 1st Annual Alley Cat Race!!

     This was my very first Alley Cat Race that a I have been in and is so happened to be Jersey City's 1st Alley Cat Race. It was a great turn out. A few people from NY came out and represented and did their thing. This race has a number of hills that would change things for people.

     I am happy with my outcome in the race. Out of 20 riders I came in 6th place it took me about 1 hour and a few minutes I believe. I do not have a go pro so I cannot show you what the race looked like but it was great.

Here are the pictures I took on that day. Click on the images to view them in a larger size.

They also had a track stand contest. You can view the video below.

Rapido Track Stand Contest Nov. 10th 2012

They also had a skidding contest that I did not record. Do not hate me .. haha

Also many different people either sponsored or gave out prizes for the participants!

Wolfjuice, Late For Work, Jersey Cycles,  Strada, Grove Bike Shop, Entreels and a few others I cannot remember.

I can't wait for the next alley cat!

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