Things About me

I just feel like talking about things I like and do not like. Nothing is in any specific order.

I am anel in the sense where little things can bother me. For example if my sneakers are black i need black shock because I hate having different color fuzz balls on my socks. It makes the sock look dirty no matter how much you wash them!

Major Dislikes

  • People who chew with their mouth open
  • people who snore especially if i'm in the same room .

I like

  • Italian, Spanish, Mexican and Indian a food
  • Keep in shape


  • Riding my fixed gear bike. I named by bike after my dead cat name "Butterfinger".
  • Eating food
  • Hugging people I care about
  • Asking questions to better understand people. I believe being able to understand people even though you may not agree with them makes it a whole lot easier to accept people for who they are.
  • Computer/Electronics they intrigue me and wake up my brain cells.

I do not:

I can go on and on about myself but this is it for now.

Leave a comment and give some input!

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