Do you love or hate dogs?

I personal like dogs! Ruff!! Ruff!! I actually like animals in general.

I have grown up with animals in my life almost all the time since my aunt and uncle own a pet shop! It was like having any pet I want :).

Now on to the reason why I ask you if you like dogs or not. I saw a picture of a dog being held down by a cop on someones facebook page and I didn't like it one bit! :(

 I clicked on it to see it bigger and see what excuse the cop would have made to justify this wrongful action. I saw many comments and one of the comments had a link to myfox news website. I saw the video and it still didn't justify why the cop shot the dog dead. The only thing people would say to justify it is by referring to the fact that the dogs is a pit bull! Sp what My aunt had a pit bull and never bit anyone. What's funny when I recall this is that my aunt had a Dachshund and that lil man bit me in the butt!
This is not an actual picture of the dog my aunt had.

I have known many people who have had pit bulls and never heard of them attacking someone for no reason. I mean a dog just doesn't pick someone from a crowed and say I am going to mess with this guy. I've only heard of a dog who has attacked to defend there owner or a child.

Here is the news video about this dog murder :(.

Now that I have mad you frown I apologize! I only wanted to let people know of the wrong things that are going on.

If you would like to share your thoughts please leave a comment.
- Have you ever had a dog?
-Have you ever wanted a dog?
-Why do you love/hate dogs.

Everyone has there own opinions let it be heard!

I forgot to add the article about this on myfox. Here you go

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