CityGrounds and CycleChoice website

I just found out something we all didn't know!!! Well at least I didn't know

Both websites CityGrounds and CycleChoice are the same company!

You may be saying "No way!" or "How do you know this?" 

Well is started when I was looing for a Fixed/Singlespeed type of bike. I started by going to 3 or 4 different bike shops and looking at prices, styles, brands, colors etc. In one of the stores I saw an all red SE Draft Lite Bike and wanted it especially because red is my favorite color. I went home and check to see if the almost 400.00 bike was the same on the SE Draft website and it was about the same price. I asked the closet bike shop about the bike and of course since they didn't carry that brand anymore they really didn't recommend it. Since I still had a mountain bike I took my time on looking for other bikes or buying the red bike I wanted.

Unfortunately my bike got stolen and I bought a hand me down bike for $30.00 dollars so i can continue riding everyday. Once that happened I started really looking for a bike and went through some of my friends asked many questions and seen many bikes. I almost bought a used bike for about $400-$500 (which was worth about $800 but it was used.) but I didn't when my friend found the SE Draft Lite and showed me this link new link The bike was cheaper and it was black and red which is even better than just all flashy red. The bike was way cheaper $222 plus shipping so figure almost $300. I wanted to try to find free shipping so I used my handy friend named Google lol and found this link  .

I called both website to find out about shipping time and cost. The total price will be $277.99 with shipping because it is coming to New Jersey from California and it take about 4 to 5 business days to receive the bike. The reason why the bikes end up being the same exact price on both of these websites it is because they are the same company!!

But there is differences in the 2 though.

- City Ground is more specific on the types of bikes they sales and Cycle Choice is more general in their bike selection.

When I called the 2 company's the same women answered and she is the one who told me they were the same company and the difference between the 2 websites they have. To help me out with pricing she let me know that Cycle Choice had a SlickDeal coupon code for about 10% off so in a way is helps soften the impact of the $55.99 shipping cost.

Now I want to get this bike even more!!!!

Give me some feedback.... PLEASE :)
Let me know if you new this already or if you just found out about these companies or shall I say company. Also let me know what you think about this bike. It will be greatly appreciated.

Update ~ same day as original post:
I mentioned there was a code but I didn't give it to you guys sorry about that. The code is SLICK10 if you use it let me know.

Update ~ 11/01/2011: 
The price was lowered. 
Today was the last day for the Slick10 discount. I used it and saved about $20.00. It should take about 4 - 5 business days.


  1. I had a feeling they were the same company. Also some bike companies that go out of business sell their frames to online company's so that's another reason why their cheaper as well. Now a days most bikes are made in Taiwan or China, even if it's an Italian or Japanese name brand. also about buying a 2nd hand bike always check all the parts. Since at times the crank set can be worth more then the frame itself.

  2. @R.o.B the people I was asking about bikes told me the same thing about the companies selling the farms for many reason. It could be that they are going out of business or they have new models for the new season. I can't wait to get this bike!!!!

    As I looked through some foroums on line about this they said it's heavy (27 lbs). What do you think?

  3. Yea a 27 lbs is heavy. But you can always lower that afterwards. Most of the times it's the wheels, crank, handbars and fork that weight the most. Once you get into it more you'll notice what's parts are good both in price and weight.

  4. @R.o.B
    because it's 27lbs it's making me think twice about getting it

  5. Yep, a year ago I ordered a Thomson stem and some Deda bars and chose will-call rather than paying for shipping and when I arrived at their warehouse in Tustin/Irvine the lady working there handed me a City Grounds bag with my items in it. I asked her and she said they're the same company.