Some advice when getting a screen printer for your clothing company!

Convince is not always the best option!

-Just because the person lives near you or they would deliver the clothing themselves to your door step doesn't mean it;s your best option.


     When getting into a clothing company make sure you have the idea of where you want to go and how you want to get there. 

     We must all remember is takes's money to make money. So it up to you to take out loans or not. I personal have not taken out a loan with a bank but i do have a business account and credit card. Just make sure not to get in to much over your head. When thinking about the money you need to spend on specific things you need think of what you need and what would best suite your needs the most even for they future. Sometimes getting something just for the moment will allow you to grow and get what you need.

    When you have ideas think it over as if you were the buyer. Do you see yourself purchasing the goods? Ask friends and family who would fit the type of people you are trying to reach.

     When looking for a screen printer get someone you ca trust. try to find someone who has been in business for a while and has a goof reputation. Make sure they do not treat you bad just because you are a small company!  Go with what you want try not to compromise on your product just because that's what they have.

     I have had some problems with companies and at this moment i feel it is best for me to do things myself. i purchased some small equipment that will allow me to make my own shirts. 

I have made my first shirts this weekend and I am happy for accomplishing something new!
I know the picture is a lil blurry but don't hate me for it.

     It took something bad for me to make a decision that should have been made before. I still have along way before i get everything I need but's a start.

Any questions or comments ask way!!!!!!!!!
Good Luck to those who take a chance!!!!!!

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