Talking to plants help them grow?

Talking to plants help them grow?
I know everyone has thought about this at one time or another is this true or not?

Well before getting to hat I wanted to show you the plants I started growing in my apartment.

This plants are like my children. My friend Susan gave me a plant from work and I went home and invited my Kickass friend to help me separate the plant into 4 different plants or children as I like to call them. She took 1 plant and we called him Trouble. The other 3 I have in my house.

Lil' Darling
I use to have him on top my my fridge but I had to water her more often compared to the other 2 plants in my kitchen. So i just moved her let see how she does.

This one was split from Lil' Darling and we called him 
Once this kid grows he will be put in a pot that was given to me for 1 of these children!

This guy is a beast his name is Rex
 He has made the most obvious growth of the plants in my house and he on the kitchen sink. I would have never guessed.

Sorry I do not have any pictures of Trouble.

Well back to the truth.myth that talking to your plant will make it grow!

When we talk to the plants we are breathing in and out right? We breath in Oxygen (H20) and we breath out Carbon dioxide (CO2). Now the next question to look at is? What do plants need to grow/survive? They need some levels of each of the following depending on the plant. They need water, light, a good temperature, good soil and Carbon dioxide (CO2). Did you notice any similarity in the human's breathing and what plants need to survive. If you haven't noticed I'll let you know it's Carbon dioxide (CO2). 

So let's go back to the question.
Talking to plants help them grow?

The actual words coming out of your mouth to the plant has no actual effect on the plant. The Carbon dioxide (CO2). that comes out of your mouth actually provides one of the ingredients that plants need to grow.

I am not a Botany (plant scientist) but this is what I've learned from my friend Susan and some research and decided to share it with you.

Let me know what you think  of my plants my children!

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