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NO NAMES TO BE MENtioned!!! 
If you realized this is you you can comment but do not say you are talking about me because I do not want people to put faces to the story I want honest opinions okay.

I have 2 friends on  facebook and their situations are similar.. at least to me.

Situation #1

     The first situation is someone who has been with there partner for sometime. One of them decided to upload a picture on facebook. Soon enough people right comments as usual but nothing negative or about the relationship between the 2 people. The other person tells them to take of the picture it will cause problems with people on facebook. They go back and forth about this but to stop any problems from happening the person takes the picture of even though they do not agree with the reasoning.

Situation #2

     In this situation the person has been in a relationship for almost a year. On their facebook status they have their relationship status as single. The reason why they have it single instead of in a relationship with the persons name is because the other person said it will cause problems. The kind of problems the person was talking about are drama and causing problems between the couple. Even though the person didn't agree they put their relationship status as single to stop any fights or problems with their relationship.

Before you comment remember!!!

Do not ask names or message me asking who are the people.
If you want to leave a comment you can leave it with a fake name or not.
Do not judge anyone for the decisions they make for they make it in the way they feel it should be done.

My thoughts1
Yes i did not mention how i feel about both situations but i do have opinions and the people already know what they are. I want you all to give your opinions so we can see how people think about the situations.

Also if something is unclear or i spelled something wrong wrong let me know so i can change it.

Thank you in advance.

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