Facebook is Killing Our Youth!

While searching the web on http://www.reddit.com I found a head line that stuck out from the rest! It was “3 Colombian teens on Facebook hit list killed in past 10 days" If you would like to read the whole article “click here”. I first thought wth is this!? So I decided to click it and read an article that was shocking!

The post demanded the people on the list to leave or they will be killed. Everyone thought it was a joke and disregarded it. Soon enough some people died and so happen to be on that list! (Is this a coincidence?). It also turned out that there was a second post with additional names and 1 of them happened to have also been found dead!
I wonder if the person knew all the people on the list and hated them or did the person just find random names in the area?

As I went back to “http://www.reddit.com” to check for updates I found this post
“Facebook Death List: 3 Colombian Teens Killed”. When i clicked the link I automatically clicked on this video hoping it was a news report about the “Facebook Killer(‘s")

It turned out that the only thing that the two articles had in common was “Facebook”.

This article was actually a good side of Facebook! A long story short someone robbed a house and they were caught on tape. With a little bit of search on Facebook they found the culprit! The original article was from ABC News website click here to read the full story.

So i was wondering what do you think about Facebook?

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